Steps for Recording in the Classroom and Sharing that Recording

These are the steps for faculty to record a lecture in the classroom using Zoom and to share the recording via Panopto.

Setup Before Classes Start

Setup Zoom Meeting Outside Canvas Course

  1. Log in to Zoom at
  2. Schedule a Meeting.
    Schedule a meeting

  3. Set the following options in your meeting:
    1 Topic: enter Course number and meeting time.
    2 Select reoccurring meeting.
    3 Recurrence: No Fixed Time.
    4 Passcode: (enter any code you prefer)
    5 Unselect allow participants to join anytime.
    6 Select automatically record meeting, in the cloud.
    Zoom Meeting Options

  4. Select Save.

During Class

For classrooms without the DTEN monitor:

  1. Log into the lectern computer with your SMU credentials.
  2. Select the Zoom icon on the lectern computer and sign in with your SMU credentials.
  3. Select the Zoom meeting created previously and press start.
  4. Share your screen in Zoom to ensure it appears in the recording.
  5. When class is finished, end the meeting.

For classrooms with the DTEN monitor:

  1. Log into the lectern computer with your SMU credentials.
  2. Log into the previously created Zoom meeting on the lectern computer.
     Do not join audio on the lectern.
  3. Log into the Zoom meeting using the DTEN by taping join meeting and entering the meeting ID and passcode.
  4. Tap the DTEN and ensure the microphone is on.
  5. Make sure to share your content on Zoom to ensure it is viewable in the recording.

Sharing a specific Zoom Video with a Student

  1. Log into Panopto:
  2. Click on My Folder. 1
  3. Click on Meeting Recording. 2
    Panopto's My Folder

  4. Find the video in the list of recordings by looking at the titles, date, and time.
  5. Highlight the video to share and select Share.
    Share from Panopto

  6. Select Change under Who Can Access this Video.
    Change access in Panopto

  7. Select the sharing option:
    • Select Public to not require a login to view the video.
    • Select Your Organization (unlisted) to require a login with SMU credentials to view the video.
    Panopto user access

  8. Select Copy Link.
    Copy Panopto Link

  9. Paste the copied link and send it to the student via email.