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Round-the-clock first responder training exercise scheduled for interior of SMU Ford Stadium

November 10, 2016

DALLAS (SMU) – SMU and the Park Cities will act as a host site for a large-scale police agency preparedness and response exercise at SMU’s Ford Stadium starting at around midnight Friday, Nov.11, and running until approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 13.

The exercise at Ford Stadium is part of a larger series of exercises taking place at 36 different locations across North Texas, sponsored by the North Central Texas Council of Governments as well as federal, state and local police agencies. The exercise will be strictly confined to the stadium interior and is not expected to impact traffic. 

Signage noting the training exercise will be placed around Ford Stadium and surrounding parking areas, and safety officers will be posted to prevent access by persons not involved in the exercise. 

The SMU, University Park and Highland Park Police Departments will provide local support for the exercise. 



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