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Students ‘Pony Up’ in new Moody Coliseum


The following is from the Jan. 25, 2014, edition of The Dallas Morning News

January 29, 2014

By Taylor Danser

The last time I was in Moody Coliseum was for commencement in 2011 at Southern Methodist University. Most of us wearing caps and gowns were used to the run-down look of the place, but we were graduating, so it didn’t really matter.

I hadn’t been in that space much before then I had cheered from the stands at only a few basketball games. But before you tell me I had no spirit for my Mustangs, I can tell you I wasn’t the only one.

A few things have changed since then: For one thing, there’s a shiny new arena. Most important, though, the Mustangs have men’s basketball coach Larry Brown leading them to success.

I got to go back to a game and make my first trip to the new Moody last weekend. We took on (and, of course, defeated) Hofstra University. This was a make-up game and the school isn’t in our conference, but it was still fun to be there for the win.

What was just as great to see were the students they were there. And it’s not because there’s beer for sale on site. These students are really into this team.

They’re also aware of the most important man on the sideline. At one point during Sunday’s game, students were chanting, “Larry!”

Last week, I saw a video with Larry Brown on SMU’s website. Its purpose: To encourage students and fans to attend games. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t go up against anything that legend has to say. At one point during Sunday’s game, he looked like he disagreed with a referee’s call. I wondered how that ref could possibly say, “No, you’re wrong, coach,” to him.

I was also more than eager to finally get into the newly renovated coliseum. Walking in, it still smelled brand new. From what I remember from before, when you walked in the front, there was a dark space with a whole lot of brown brick. Now, everything is shiny and new.

After you get your ticket scanned, you walk into this big space that opens up into the coliseum. You can see the court as soon as you’re inside.

If you’re into basketball at all, your time would be well spent at an SMU basketball game. Even if basketball isn’t your favorite sport, it will move quickly enough to keep your attention. Either way, Pony Up.