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“The Great War and the Making of the Modern Middle East”

Presented by Ottoman Empire specialist Sabri Ates

February 20, 2014

  What: “The Great War and the Making of the Modern Middle East”
Presented by Sabri Ates, Southern Methodist University
  When: 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 25, 2014
  Where:  Jones Hall of Meadows Museum, SMU
  Cost: Free and open to the public.
  Info: Visit www.smu.edu/dedman/dcii

When most people think of the World War I, they generally think of trench warfare on the Western Front in France. However, it has been estimated that the per capita losses in the Ottoman and Empire and Persia were among the highest of all nations affected by the war. No other part of the world grapples with the legacy of the World War I as severely as the Middle East. The very name "the Middle East," the political map and the state system of the region are all parts of that legacy.

From the struggle over Palestine to the problems countries like Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon are facing, the legacy of the Great War is everywhere in the region. In this lecture Dr. Sabri Ates will examine the legacies of the Eastern Front of the "Great War," and highlight the tragedy of three groups: Armenians, Kurds and the Palestinians. 

A specialist in late Ottoman history Sabri Ates is an Associate Professor in the Clements Department of History at Southern Methodist University. He has published a book in Turkish titled Tuanlı Hilmi Bey and several articles in academic journals. His latest book, The Ottoman-Iranian Borderlands: Making a Boundary 1843-1913, was published by the Cambridge University Press.