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Jeff Kennington, SMU engineering professor, dies at 68


The following is from the Dec. 5, 2013, edition of The Dallas Morning News.

December 5, 2013

Staff Writer

Jeff KenningtonJeffery Lynn Kennington was an undergraduate studying industrial engineering when he decided to become a professor.

He fulfilled his dream in 1973, when he joined the faculty at Southern Methodist University. He spent the next 40 years there as an engineering professor and researcher.

Kennington exceeded his original goal in 2010 when he was named as a University Distinguished Professor at SMU, a designation above professor.

He spent his entire career at SMU, teaching until early in the fall semester, when cancer affected his ability to speak.

Kennington, 68, died Nov. 26 of cancer at his Dallas home.

A memorial will be at 3 p.m. Sunday at Arapaho United Methodist Church, where he was a member.

“He loved what he did,” said his wife, Carolyn Kennington. “He liked being with the students, he liked doing research … he just enjoyed the whole ride.”

Kennington served as chairman of various engineering disciplines at SMU for a total of 17 years, but his expertise was in operations research, which uses advanced mathematical modeling to help make decisions.

He was widely respected in his field. Kennington was named a fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences in 2005. . .

Memorials may be made to the Jeff Kennington Tribute Fund, SMU Lyle School of Engineering, P.O. Box 750339, Dallas, Texas 75275-0339.

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