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Magician Trigg Watson, an SMU senior, has tricks up his sleeve


The following is from the February 3, 2012, edition of The Dallas Morning News.

From The Dallas Morning News

Magician Trigg Watson shows us how to do two simple tricks.

February 3, 2012

By Nancy Churnin
The Dallas Morning News

As someone who bought into the world of Harry Potter, I don’t expect to be wowed by practitioners of magic in our Muggle world. After all, there’s always a trick, right? Something up the sleeve, in a hidden pocket, or an illusion in the lighting. And yet, I was absolutely awed by Trigg Watson Burrage when he came to The Dallas Morning News.

 The 22-year-old Southern Methodist University senior, who goes by the stage name Trigg Watson, tore up a copy of the Morning News right in front of me — then handed it over whole and untouched. He had me hold a coin in my hand, and when I opened my hand, it was a different coin.

“I love to take an idea and make it happen, like making a toy Slinky move by itself or making juggling balls slow in midair,” he told me. “Even when it seems impossible, I bet there’s a way.”

Trigg is a smart, well-read and personable young man, a President’s Scholar with a full ride at SMU, where he double majors in business at the Cox School of Business and theater at Meadows School of the Arts — or “show business,” as he likes to call it.

After being wowed by a magician at the age of 4 in his native Australia, he started teaching himself magic with the help of library books. By the time he was 7, Trigg was performing at birthday parties.

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