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Company Offers Chance To Fund Your App/Technology Idea


The following story ran on the May 10, 2012, edition of CBS DFW news.

May 14, 2012

By Arezow Doost

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) - Think you’ve got an idea for the next best app? A North Texas business is willing to help you make it a reality. And who knows — you just might strike it big.

Think you can create the next Angry Birds app or Words with Friends?
Southern Methodist University (SMU) law student Lance Kennedy thinks he’s sitting on something big.
“I’m confident that my idea is a good idea,” he said.
Kennedy, a self-proclaimed 24-year-old political junky, has come up with an app that has to do with political campaigns and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
“The idea came out of personal experiences working on campaigns, noticing the needs that campaigns need.”
Kennedy doesn’t want to give up any details but said so far his idea has gotten the attention of a Frisco business.
That Frisco business is a software development company called Code Authority.
“We are trying to find people that have really good technology ideas that otherwise might not get funded,” company president Jason W. Taylor explained.
Taylor and his company are not only hoping to find the next big idea, they’re willing to pay for it.
“Lots of people have app ideas, right? And they are always bouncing them around. Well, this lets somebody get that idea some concrete foundation and get it off the ground,” Taylor said.
Kennedy and other would be inventors are all vying for admittance into a Code Authority incubation program that will award them their own design team.
Taylor says getting the ideas off the ground could mean new job opportunities.
“Any idea that comes out of this could become a major nationwide brand name. We are talking it could be the next app everybody is trading eight months or 16 months from now or the next game everybody is playing.”
Kennedy hopes he’s one of the ones to get his big idea off the ground. He says mixing politics and technology right before a big election could be huge.
The company will select up to three ideas. Entrants must submit their ideas by July 1.
Code Authority officials say all ideas are protected and the company isn’t going to take anyone’s ideas.
If you think you’ve got the next great idea click here to fill out a Code Authority questionnaire found on the company website.