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Law Prof Twitter Users Are Mostly Male, Tally Finds


The following story ran on the July 12, 2012, edition of

July 13, 2012

By Debra Cassens Weiss

Nearly 200 law professors are on Twitter, and the majority of them are male, according to a blogger’s new tally.

Writing at the Faculty Lounge, Pace law professor and Twitter user Bridget Crawford released her “very beta version” of law prof Twitter users. The original list had grown from 93 to 190 Twitter users by Tuesday. There were 136 males and 54 females.

Crawford is one of five tweeting law professors from Pace, making it the best represented law school on the list, according to a follow-up Faculty Lounge post by University of North Carolina law professor Alfred Brophy, who admits he is coming late to the issue of Twitter. Other well-represented schools include Pepperdine and SMU, each with four tweeting law professors.

Subjects of recent tweets by Crawford ranged from her policy views on QTIP trusts to the agony of visiting the mall with three sixth graders.

Law professors on the list teach at a wide range of schools. Included are professors from top ranked Yale, Stanford and Harvard, as well as professors from lower-tier schools.