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Claire blogs from London where she is studying at King's College

" I am learning more about what it really means to be an American, on a personal and global scale."

November 7, 2011

Claire visits the Musée du LouvreClaire (center in photo) is a junior majoring in history and anthropology, with a minor in political science, in SMU's Dedman College. During fall 2011, she is studying at King’s College London with IFSA-Butler, in partnership with SMU Abroad.

"The buses are usually less crowded and much less stressful, but they take a bit longer than the tube (commute time + walking distance)," Clair recently wrote in her blog. "Personally, I like riding the bus a whole lot more. I try to get a seat up top, in the front, where I’m glued to the window like a little kid, grinning at people on the street (who probably think I’m a sociopath)."

In an earlier entry, she wrote, "There were so many walls because there were so many SHEEP!!!! (Hereafter, may be referred to as sheepies!) I have never seen so many sheep in my life. And these were proper sheep, too – with big wooly coats – who really said, “Baaaaa”!! There were so many different kinds, including a native Cumbrian breed called Herdwick sheep, which are born all black as lambies and then turn a light brown/gray color. We saw black sheep, white sheep, white sheep with black faces, black sheep with white faces. SO MANY SHEEPIES! I was in farm heaven. They were all so adorable! I squealed every time I saw one. Now I can add sheep to my list of animals that I must own."

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