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SMU's Lego Technology Camps Offer Fun For Kids

July 2, 2010

From cars to contraptions, SMU's Lego Techology Camps offer creative excitement for youngsters from kindergarten through eighth grade.

For the past 15 years, thousands have been spending their summer days learning basic engineering skills, like coding and programming, as well as building robots and cars.

The camps, which start every week, carry such titles as LEGO® Car Rally, LEGO® Crazy Contraptions, LEGO® Droids, LEGO® Movie Makers, LEGO® Mania, LEGO® Battlebots and LEGO® Rocketry.  

"In Lego Mania, you build different things like pinwheels and birds that flip around. Battlebots is really good for the older kids. This is great. It's like the highlight of the summer," Nick Azpiroz told WB33 News. "I can't imagine going through middle school and high school without having this every summer."

For more information, log on to the Lego Technology Camp site.


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