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What will the Republicans do with their momentum?

SMU experts talk about the political fallout from the midterm elections

November 3, 2010

Red-Blue Map for the 2010 House RacesNow that the Republicans are in charge of the U.S. House, what's next? The Economy? Healthcare? Will the Tea Party battle the Old Guard? Is Obama's agenda history? Did campaign ads hurt the youth vote? What does it all mean for 2012? (The map, courtesy of CNN, shows House race results.) 

SMU's experts can offer analysis and comment on the political New Day for both the White House and the Congress. Contact SMU News and Communications at 214-768-7650 or news@smu.edu for assistance in setting up interviews.

Politics — What's the Message from the Voters?

Matthew �A;Wilson “Falling short of capturing the Senate may be a blessing of sorts for the GOP. With Democrats still in control of the White House and the Senate, they will likely take the lion's share of blame - fairly or unfairly - for the economy. "
— Matthew Wilson, Ph.D., Political Science

Wilson specializes in public opinion, elections and political psychology, as well as religion and politics.

Cal Jillson “There's going to be a major reassessment in the Obama administration. They're going to be looking for some adult supervision."
— Cal Jillson, Ph.D., Political Science

One of the nation’s foremost political experts, Jillson regularly provides journalists thoughtful insight on Texas and U.S. politics. He is the author of Texas Politics: Governing the Lone Star State and Pursuing the American Dream.

Dennis Simon “Four years ago, the Democrats had the wind at their back. Now it is about playing defense – holding what they have."
— Dennis Simon, Ph.D., Political Science

Simon is an expert on the American Presidency, presidential-congressional relations, public opinion, electoral behavior and research methodology.
Tom Fomby “I don’t think people should be frightened by the national debt but they should be aware that we are moving in the wrong direction in terms of the amount of debt that our country is currently carrying and the earning potential of the economy."
— Tom Fomby, Ph.D., Economics

Fomby can discuss the national debt, the Texas economy vs. the rest of the nation and implications of the unemployment rate.

Republican and Democrat LogosWhat The Exit Polls Say About The Voters

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