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Obama tries to recast health plan as a moderate move


The following is from the March 16, 2010, edition of The Washington Examiner. SMU Political Science Professor Dennis Simon provided expertise for this story.

March 16, 2010

By: Julie Mason
Examiner White House Correspondent

President Obama is touting the latest version of health care reform as a measure that should draw bipartisan support — and in a way, it does. Both sides hate it.

In the windup to final consideration of reform, the White House is honing its message, characterizing the plan as a modest effort that strikes a political balance whose passage is a foregone conclusion.

"I think whoever sits here this time next week, you all will be talking about health care reform not as a presidential proposal but as something that will soon be the law of the land," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told "Fox News Sunday." . . .

Dennis Simon, a Southern Methodist University political scientist, said the White House is pushing hard because Obama "seriously needs to win this."

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