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Welcome Additions

Bridwell Library’s Recent Acquisitions in Context

October 14, 2008

Armenian Gospels, manuscript dated 1650.
Armenian Gospels, manuscript dated 1650.
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"Welcome Additions," which continues through Dec. 12 at SMU's Bridwell Library, highlights 28 outstanding manuscripts, printed books and important fragments recently added to the library's Special Collections.

Dating from 1459 to 1786, these new acquisitions are exhibited "in context," alongside closely related treasures long held by the library. Although each of these newly acquired books is a work of outstanding merit in its own right, this exhibition situates the recent arrival alongside previous holdings in a pairing that illuminates its significance.

Around the year 200 CE, the Roman poet Terentianus Maurus wrote “Habent sua fata libelli” (books have their destinies). These words have special resonance for modern libraries, which are challenged to identify, locate, and acquire those books which by their very nature belong together in a worthy repository.

All of these books are now components of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, coexisting in a place where they will be appreciated in ways that fulfill their highest scholarly potential.

For further information, please call 214-768-3483 or view the website.

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