New at Meadows

What Would Meadows Majors Wear This Fall?

We celebrate the new semester with outfit boards inspired by each division of Meadows.



SMU Freshman Dorm Tour & Move-In Day

Join Meadows freshman Owen Davis for a dorm tour! Davis is double majoring with a B.F.A. in Theatre and B.A. in Film.


Creative Technology – The Genesis Class

This fall marks the inaugural semester of Meadows’ new M.A. program in Creative Technology (MACT).



From Music to Art History, Meadows Students Share Their Fall Schedules

We asked Meadows students what classes they’re taking on the first day of school!

Ian Grieve and Kerry Maguire

Art – Visiting Lecturers

Visiting lecturers Ian Grieve and Kerry Maguire specialize in figurative painting and printmaking, respectively.

Meadows welcome nearly 20 new faculty members for the 2023-24 academic year.

New Faculty

Meadows Welcomes 14 Full-Time, 5 Visiting New Faculty Members for 2023-24. Join us in welcoming 19 new faculty members to Meadows, in divisions ranging from art and theatre to journalism and film, and learn more about these new members of our community.