Robert C. Womack Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Edmond Richer, in collaboration with researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, has received a prestigious NIH Grant for $596,000 to revolutionize the way hundreds of thousands of people are treated for cancer metastases in the bone.  This research, support by the National Institutes of Health's Neurological Disorders and Stroke Institute will examine the complex effects of radiation surgery on the strength and physiology of human bone.

These frequently debilitating effects are observed empirically in clinical practice but no sound scientific knowledge currently exists. The results of the research will conclusively establish the effects of radiation on bone and lead to the development of guidelines for post radio-surgery fracture risk that will be used by physicians in cancer clinics around the world.

The outcome of the research will enable doctors to provide cancer patients with the best treatment and the highest chance of survival with a high quality of life. It will also open new avenues of research and treatment of other bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, that affect millions of Americans each year