Procedures for Complaints Involving ABA Accreditation Standards

  1. Definition: A “Student Accreditation Complaint” means a written communication from a student to the law school relating to a significant problem that directly implicates the school’s program of legal education and its compliance with the ABA Law School Accreditation Standards and which is not otherwise addressed by law school or University procedures (for example, procedures dealing with complaints of harassment or discrimination, violations of the Student Code of Professional Responsibility, ADA compliance, or grade appeals).
  2. Initial Submission: Student Accreditation Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  The ABA Accreditation Standards can be found at: The Student Accreditation Complaint must list the name and contact information of the complainant, set forth the particular ABA standard or standards which the complainant believes the law school is failing to satisfy, and should state with particularity the basis for the complaint.
  3. Response to Submission: The Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall respond to the Student Accreditation Complaint within 30 days.  The response shall set forth the determination of the law school regarding what action, if any, will be taken regarding the Student Accreditation Complaint.  The response may provide notice of additional investigation of the Student Accreditation Complaint and the date a final substantive response is expected.
  4. Appeal Process: The complainant shall have 30 days after receiving a final substantive response to appeal the decision of the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to the Dean of the law school who shall have final jurisdiction regarding any such appeal.