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Performance Reviews

Timely and specific performance feedback, coupled with a coaching relationship will build the confidence, skill, and experience of your team members. The University uses two formal feedback points with benefit-eligible staff members: the 90-day Probationary Review and the Annual Review.

90 Day Probationary Review
New employees should receive regular feedback throughout the 90-day probationary period. The review period should include a 90-day review with the employee.  Managers will be asked to provide Human Resources with feedback on the new employee via an automated process in Access.SMU.

Annual Performance Review
Employees who have completed the 90-day probationary period should be given feedback throughout the year culminating in an annual performance review, which summarizes the year. The Annual Review process takes place in the spring semester, from January to mid-April.

If a new employee was hired before January 1 of the performance review period, s/he should receive an annual review that spring semester. If an employee begins work after January 1, s/he should receive an annual review the following year; only the 90-day review would be required in the current year.

Follow the appropriate link for details on each review process.

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