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At SMU, there are many types of employees; all of which contribute to a connected and thriving University community. Read on to learn about how each uniquely contributes and the forms, tools, and resources commonly accessed during an employee's first few months at the University. 

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In addition, check the new employee resources listed below for additional information.

Additional Resources

Regular Staff

Staff work primarily in a non-teaching capacity, leading and supporting administrative areas, programs, and schools. The majority of staff work full-time, 37.5 hours per week, whereas a few areas work 40.0 hours per week. In order to be considered full-time, staff must work a minimum of 35 hours per week. Part-time staff must work a minimum of 20.0 hours per week in order to be considered eligible for benefits. In addition, while the majority of staff work 12 months out of the year, some work on a partial-year basis, over 9, 10, or 11 months.

Temporary Staff

Temporary staff work in a non-teaching capacity, supporting administrative areas, programs, and schools, for a period of one year or less. Similar to regular staff, they may work on a part-time or full-time basis. Temporary staff are not eligible for University benefits.

Most temporary staff are hired via Kelly Services (Kelly@SMU). Contact Leigh Wilson, SMU's on-site Kelly@SMU manager, to initiate the temporary staff hiring process.

Staff Resources

New Faculty

Faculty work in a teaching capacity, perform research, and publish scholarly articles, among various other duties.  Most faculty have a contract of at least one year in length. For further faculty definitions, see Policy 6.6, Faculty Ranks, Classifications, and Terms of Appointment.

New faculty will receive communication directly from HR after receipt of your accepted contract letter from the Dean's Office. For questions or to initiate the SMU onboarding process, new faculty can contact HR directly at or at 214-768-3311.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty teach on a part-time basis, typically employed by the semester or by the academic year to teach up to one-half load.  Adjunct faculty are not eligible for University benefits.

Faculty Resources


New Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellows participate in and conduct research projects for the University as part of their post-doctoral training; they have limited teaching and/or service requirements.  They are employees of SMU, but for classification purposes, they are considered neither faculty nor staff; they have limited University benefits.

For further definitions of employment in relation to University benefits, see the Eligibility Page or Policy 9.2, Classifications for Purposes of Employee Benefits.

Post-Doctoral Fellows Resources

Student Workers

While the primary purpose of students is to acquire an education, SMU is committed to assisting students with the costs of education, including helping them locate employment on and off campus. Students who work on campus are considered employees of the University and are paid through SMU Payroll. Student employees are not eligible for University benefits. For further information about student employment opportunities, visit the Student Employment Office.

International Student Workers

International student employees have been issued student visas to be full-time students in the U.S. They have specific requirements under which they can work. For further information, visit the International Center FAQs.

Student Workers Resources