Training Summary

Why do I need a Training Summary?

There are many reasons why employees might need to have access to completion records for the Professional Development Workshops they attend on campus.  Some of these might include:

  • Proof of completion for continuing education credits for professional certifications
    (In the future, if you are aware of this need, please print the course description off our website at the time of your enrollment.  This will ensure you have all the information necessary to submit the course for these credits.)
  • To discuss your development plan with your manager - especially during the performance review process
  • To verify completion of pre-requisites for other classes
  • Or even just to gain a sense of accomplishment for what you have achieved over a period of time!

This resource is now available to you through My.SMU.

How do I access my training transcript?

Completion results since 2001 have been uploaded to Access.SMU.  Any courses completed earlier than this may not be verifiable.  In addition, the content of the courses most likely has been updated and you would benefit with a refresher class.  Please note that if you have attended a course more than one time, both completion dates will be reported.

Log onto My.SMU with your 8 digit SMU ID# and password.

Select Self Service>Learning and Development>Training Summary and wait for your summary to be generated.

Click on the "Status" button in the top left corner to reveal if you have enrolled, completed, or are in progress for each course.  If you are providing a screen shot of your training summary for proof of completion, this is the view which will indicate you have completed the course.

Who do I contact if there is an omission or error?

There are several reasons why, initially, your Training Summary may be incorrect.  Data collected before a certain date did not require SMU ID numbers.  Therefore, if your name is the same as another employee, we would not have known exactly which employee to credit with the attendance and we chose to wait to hear from you.  Related to this, if you have had a name change during your years of SMU service, without an ID number, we would not have been able to match your to your previous name. And finally, we may just have missed you.  But we're willing to work with you to correct any inconsistencies!

If you feel there is an error on your summary, you may send us an email. Include your name, your SMU ID number, the course name and approximate date of attendance.  If you have had a name change please make sure to note that as well - this will ensure that the results will be accurate. 

Once the attendance has been verified, your records will be updated, you will be notified, and your corrected training summary will be accessible.  Unless there is an immediate need for this information,  we will appreciate your patience as we schedule your request into our regular workloads.

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