Medicare is the federal government program that provides health insurance when you reach 65 or older, and for individuals who are less than 65 and have a disability.  A portion of the FICA tax paid by you and SMU is directed to Medicare funding.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency that oversees Medicare.  Medicare is different from Medicaid, which is a state and federal program offering health care coverage to people of most ages in certain groups (children and pregnant women, single parents, people with disabilities, and individuals age 65 and over), but generally only to those with low incomes.

Medicare and SMU Retiree Health Insurance

Medicare will be your primary medical insurance during your retirement years.  If you meet SMU's retirement eligibility criteria when you leave SMU, you will be eligible for secondary medical insurance through SMU.  For more information, please refer to Retiree Health Insurance and the links below.