Continuing Education Credits/Units - Proof of Attendance

At this time, none of the Professional Development Workshops offered through the Department of Human Resources are pre-approved for Continuing Education Credits/Units.

SMU employees who have attended a Professional Development Workshop and would like to use the course to fulfill Continuing Education Credits/Units should do the following:

Print the Workshop Description

Print the workshop description off the Workshop website - you might want to do this when you enroll in the workshop to ensure the information has not been removed.

Information provided through Access.SMU, via the training summary, is Course Name, Course Start Date, Course End Date and Status (enrolled, completed, cancelled).  The workshop description will provide the number of hours for the session.

Print Your Training Transcript

After workshop completion, log onto My.SMU> Employee Self Service >Learning and Development >Training Summary.  All workshops where attendance has been completed will be populated along with the completion date. 

Submit to the Governing Authority of Your Certification

Submit the training transcript and the course description, along with any other requested information, to the appropriate authority for their evaluation and granting of credits.