HR Training Room

Reservation Request Form

The HR Training Room is located in Expressway Tower, second floor, Suite 208.

We're happy to share our training room resources with you. In order to meet everyone's needs, we simply ask that you be good stewards of the facility and the equipment. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will be provided with additional information regarding room access, how to use the AV equipment, and kitchen access, if applicable.

Please be prepared to return the keys and the room in the condition it was delivered to you and to report any problems you encounter. This includes wiping down the white board walls to remove all residue of markers, cleaning table tops, placing all trash in the appropriate bins (trash or recycle), and cleaning all items used in the kitchen.

Every effort will be made to accommodate you for the requested dates. Submitting all information and providing additional details will help us to help you prepare for your event. Our commitment will be to respond to your request within 48 hours from submission.

Please note that reservations for the HRTR will not be accepted for more than three months out OR for after hours (nights and weekends).

Submit your reservation.