Requesting Coaching During the Probationary Period

New employees typically need feedback more often during their probationary period than when they are well trained. Feedback is provided to help new employees understand what they are doing well, in addition to what areas need improvement. Managers are encouraged to meet regularly with new employees to ensure that feedback is given in a timely manner, since the probationary period is only 90 days.

If an employee is experiencing performance problems, one option is to provide more extensive coaching to the employee for the remainder of the probationary period. Some managers feel comfortable in providing this coaching on their own, while others desire support from a member of the Employee Relations team. Managers who choose this option on the probationary review should be prepared to summarize their coaching plan and request support from a member of the Employee Relations team if desired.

Employee Relations Support

Support from the Employee Relations team is tailored to the needs of the particular situation. For example, an Employee Relations team member may help the manager create a coaching plan, which the manager can then use back at the worksite. In another situation, the manager might want support in communicating more effectively with the new employee and may request that an Employee Relations team member meet with both of them.

Once the review is received by Human Resources, a member of the Employee Relations team will contact the manager to discuss the situation and establish a plan of action.

Managers are encouraged to use the links to the right to learn more about the review options, performance issues, holding accountability conversations, and effective documentation.