Wellness Information

The following wellness information and resources are provided to SMU employees through its wellness partners. The content will be updated monthly on this page and shared with benefits-eligible faculty and staff through the monthly HR newsletters. 


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
SMU's Health and Wellness Plan is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.


January 2024: Embrace a Healthy Heart: Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

January 2024: Living with Diabetes? Learn More About What It Means


January 2023: Stop a silent killer (cervical cancer)

February 2023: Closing gaps in colon care

March 2023: The Link Between Nutrition and Mental Health

April 2023: Build Resilience to Manage Stress and Change

May 2023: Keep Your Cool: Embrace the Changing Seasons

June 2023: Now's the Time to Catch Up on Childhood Vaccines

June 2023: Immunizations Are a Big Part of Staying Healthy

July 2023: Wellness "U": A Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

August 2023: Do You Know How to Outsmart Viruses?

September 2023: Have You Had Your Health Screenings this Year?

October 2023: 10 Tips to Help You Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

November 2023: How to Make New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep

December 2023: Get Big Benefits from a Small Weight Loss



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Alight Monthly Bulletins

To assist you in finding the most affordable care options, SMU has partnered with Alight. From finding doctors to getting cost estimates, Alight is here to help at no additional cost. Alight serves as your personal health care advisor. So rely on your Health Pro to make you an empowered health care consumer that takes control of health care costs. Their service is simple to use and available to you and your family.


January 2024: Let's make this year your healthiest yet


January 2023: Better health ahead with help from your personal Health Pro

February 2023: Need help finding the perfect doctor?

March 2023: Don't break the bank on healthcare costs

June 2023: Lowering your prescription costs is always a win


December 2022: The holidays can be a busy time - don't hesitate to check in on yourself


Cariloop logo

Cariloop provides support services for those whom may be taking care of a loved one, whether a relative, friend or neighbor! Cariloop allows you to never feel alone again when navigating through the caregiving journey by providing excellent service through their Care Coaching. Enrollment into Cariloop is as simple as dialing 972-325-5836 or visiting the site at cariloop.com/smu as SMU covers this benefit for full-time and part-time faculty and staff.


January 2024: SMU Expands Employee Benefits to Include Education Support Through Cariloop


January 2023: 4 Ways to Work on Your Mental and Physical Health in 2023

February 2023: 4 signs a loved one may need in-home care

February 2023: 4 ways to work on your mental and physical health in 2023

March 2023: In the Loop: Medicaid, The Caregiving Crisis, Planning for Summer Childcare

April 2023: Mental Health Trends Caregivers Need to Know About

June 2023: Caring for parents or aging loved ones?

July 2023: Need help finding childcare options?

August 2023: Mental health resources and support are a click away

September 2023: Let an expert answer your Medicare questions

October 2023: When Your Kids and Parents Need You

November 2023: 4 Questions to Consider When Spending the Holidays with an Aging Loved One


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) managed by Magellan Healthcare
The EAP is a confidential program designed to help you with your personal or workplace issues. The services offered under SMU’s employee assistance program are provided by Magellan Health Services to help you find an early resolution for your concerns.


January 2024: Eating well for your mental health

February 2024: Common mental health issues in youth


February 2023: Healthy relationships

March 2023: Prioritizing self-care

April 2023: Financial wellbeing

May 2023: Managing stress

June 2023: Finding joy at work

July 2023: Pursuing happiness

August 2023: Caring for yourself and others

September 2023: Becoming a mental health ally

October 2023: Connecting your diet and mood

November 2023: Understanding and overcoming anxiety

Navigate is a well-tech company helping organizations create more health and happiness in the employees, clients, and communities they serve. Navigate powers the SMU Wellpower web portal.

January 2023: Build resolutions that make a difference

February 2023: How to create a healthy home workspace

March 2023: Take care of your heart - the rest of your body will thank you

April 2023: Customizing self-care: Your personal mental health plan

May 2023: No gym? No problem! Stay active without the expense of a gym membership

June 2023: Tips to reduce financial worry

July 2023: Self-care is more than a buzzword

August 2023: How to scale down your to-do list

September 2023: Establish a sleeping routine for more rest, more often

October 2023: Manage your long-term health with simple habits

November 2023: Focus more on your strengths and less on your weaknesses

December 2023: Walking the work-life balance tightrope