Manager Orientation

SMU knows that managers play a key role in living out the mission and achieving the goals of the University. The objective of this orientation program is to support a new manager's successful transition to a supervisory role within the University. New managers participating in the program will have 12 months to complete all requirements.

Manager Orientation is designed to provide those supervising staff with essential skills and key information needed to successfully manage both employee performance and organizational initiatives. Managers will benefit from understanding University policies and procedures, knowing the right people to contact for assistance, and learning critical skills that support successful working relationships.

Who Should Attend?

SMU offers the New Manager Orientation Program for:

  • Newly hired staff members who supervise others
  • Current staff members promoted to a managerial position
  • Current staff and faculty managers who wish to participate
  • Staff and faculty members aspiring to future management positions

Newly hired staff members who supervise others or current staff members promoted to a managerial position on or after August 30, 2010 will be required to complete the program. Staff or faculty members who aspire to management and wish to take courses may enroll as well.

The New Manager's Responsibility

The Manager Orientation workshops are to be completed within the first calendar year of the employee's new role with the University. Managers are responsible for ensuring they complete the requirements for Manager Orientation. Employees may view completion of all Professional Development Workshops and Manager Orientation workshops by logging into my.SMU and navigating to Self Service> Learning and Development>Training Summary. A summary of workshops completed, enrolled in, or cancelled will be generated.

Manager Orientation Requirements

  • A minimum of 6 classes must be completed within 12 months of a new manager's hire or promotion date.
  • Three classes are required, and the remaining three may be chosen from a list of electives.
  • Managers may complete as many additional courses as desired.
  • Some classes have prerequisites.
  • Newly hired managers must also meet all new employee orientation requirements.
  • Log on to my.SMU>Self Service> Learning and Development>Training Enrollment>Course Name Search>Search to see the most current schedule of all Manager Orientation and Professional Development classes available for enrollment.