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Authorization and Release for Consent (for Background Check)
Benefits Guide
Dental Plan - Benefit Highlights
Dental Plan - Claim Form 
Faculty (Benefit-Eligible) Employment Forms
FMLA - Certification for Dependents 
FMLA - Certification of Health Provider
FSA - Automatic Dependent Care Request Form 
FSA - Automatic Orthodontia Request Form
FSA - Debit Card Online Request Form 
FSA - Debit Card Online Request Instructions
FSA - Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form
FSA - Reimbursement Request Form
FSA - Medical Necessity Form
FSA - Receipt and Substantiation Form
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Guidelines Reviewing Skills Assessments
Independent Contract Determination (ICD)
I-9 Form Instructions & Acceptable Documents
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Job Description Form
Leave of Absence Form - Staff
Leaving SMU Checklist - Employee
Leaving SMU Checklist - Manager
Loretta OReilly Hawkins Award Nomination Form
Medical Plans - BCBS Claim Form
Ministers Housing Form
Miscellaneous - Change of Business Address Form for Active Benefit Eligible Employees
Name Change Form
New Employee Packets & Hiring Procedures 
Payroll Authorization Form (Benefit-Eligible)
Personal Data Information Form (Benefit-Eligible)
Prescription Drug Claim Form
Prescription PrimeMail Refill Form
Prescription PrimeMail Pharmacy Order Form
Prescription PrimeMail New Prescription Fax Order Form
Presidential Staff Recognition Awards
Program for Protection of Minors: Dept. of Health Services Training Report Form
Request to Hire Temporary Staff Employee (Word Version)
Retiring from SMU
Student Worker Hiring Procedures & Forms
Temporary Staff Hiring Procedures & Forms 
Vision Plan - VSP Out of Network Claim Form