Linked-In Learning Courses

SMU's Linked-In Learning license allows faculty, staff and students to access and complete training courses anytime, anywhere and on multiple platforms (computer, phone and tablets). 

HR recommends the following courses for those wanting to grow in new areas or build skill in identified areas.

Before beginning a course, you should download and review any course materials or exercises so that you are prepared when the instructions are announced. 

Upon course completion, email us your certificate of completion to add your accomplishment to your SMU training summary.  If the option to download a certificate is not available send us an email with the course name and author and your name and SMU ID#.  We will research the completion and add it to your training summary.

Emotions are all around us in the office, and it's important for leaders to understand how to harness them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. In this course, Britt Andreatta shares how to boost your emotional quotient (EQ) to better lead teams, work with peers, and manage up. Learn what emotional intelligence is and how it factors in at work, and discover concrete techniques for raising your own EQ. This includes perceiving yourself accurately, exercising emotional self-control, understanding and managing your triggers, and developing empathy. Then, turn those lessons around to build your awareness of others and become a more inspiring—and effective—leader.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the brain science behind emotional intelligence.
  • Identify and assess your emotions.
  • Determine how to exercise emotional self-control.
  • Identify your triggers and how to respond the them.
  • Assess how others respond at work.
  • Determine how to maximize team performance using emotional intelligence.
  • Discover how to catalyze change

Time:  1 hour, 2 minutes

Organizations thrive, or fail to thrive, based on how well the teams within those organizations work. What does it take to create a high-performing team? Based on her years of research working with teams across different industries, Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson reveals how high performance arises when teams are encouraged to take risks, fail, and learn from those small failures, a process she calls "teaming." In this course, she outlines what leaders can do to create the right environment for teaming and explains the responsibilities of individual team members to speak up, collaborate, experiment, and reflect.

Time:  25 minutes
Access the course at: nd-working-in-teams/working-across-boundaries-and-silos?u=2139050

Do you want to cultivate leadership traits that will help you inspire your team, successfully manage change and conflict, and better serve the needs of your organization? In this course, leadership consultant and Director of Learning and Development Britt Andreatta explains what real leadership is, how to assess your strengths, and ways to cultivate the traits the best leaders employ to make their organizations strong and innovative. The course includes information on developing and mentoring your team, creating an engaging workplace, developing political savvy, analyzing your industry, and honing your emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives:
  • What is leadership, and when are you leading?
  • Mapping your leadership competencies
  • Dealing with changing scope and stakes
  • Motivating and engaging others
  • Increasing team performance
  • Developing political acumen
  • Creating a culture of trust and integrity
  • Developing resilience

Time 1 hour, 24 minutes is a PMI Registered Education Provider. This course qualifies for professional development units (PDUs). To view the activity and PDU details for this course, click here.