Giving to Bridwell Library

Printed Materials

Due to limited storage space, proposed gifts of new or used materials are subject to acceptance by library staff. The materials are evaluated based on their relevance for supporting the curriculum and mission of the Perkins School of Theology and the Graduate Program in Religious Studies.

Bridwell Library may decline offers of gift materials that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Duplicate existing holdings
  • Fall outside the scope of its collections
  • Are in poor physical condition and require extensive repair or conservation
  • Contain mold
  • Include donor restrictions that the library cannot honor
  • Are single issues of periodicals 

When gifts of printed materials are received the donor will be asked to complete and sign two copies of the Bridwell Library Declaration of Gift form. The donor will keep one copy; Bridwell Library will keep the other.

Each gift will be acknowledged with a letter, however, because of legal restrictions, Bridwell Library is unable to assign value or provide appraisals of gift materials. A donor is entitled to an income tax deduction within Internal Revenue Service regulations. The donor must file IRS Form 8283 if claiming a deduction for non-cash gifts totaling $500-$5,000 within a calendar year.

Gift materials that are not added to the library’s collection will be dispersed at the discretion of the director of Bridwell Library.

If you are considering a donation of print materials please first contact the Bridwell Library Administrative Assistant at 214-768-3483 or

Thank you for considering a gift to Bridwell Library.