Maguire Teaching Fellowship

The Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility seeks to encourage teaching in the area of ethics.  The field of ethics is both a traditional subdivision of philosophy and religious studies, but is also an important part of a broad range of disciplines and professions.  

Every year, the Maguire Ethics Center honors faculty members who are developing a course, a module, or other curricular unit in ethics.  We also encourage faculty to develop and include ethics content throughout an existing course.  The center honors one or more such persons per year with a generous stipend.  In addition to the stipend, the center provides the Maguire Teaching Fellow/s with opportunities at the beginning and the end of the venture to discuss the curriculum proposal with interested colleagues. 

Past Recipients

2012-2013 Dr. Soraya Gollop, Professor of Philosophy, Dedman College
Dr. Luke Robinson, Professor of Philosophy, Dedman College
SMU's Ethics Toolbox - A Course Module
2011-2012 Dr. Anthony Cortese, Professor of Sociology, Dedman College
Ethical Perspectives on Ethnoviolence
2010-2011 Dr. Soraya Gollop, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
medical ethics
2010-2011 Dr. Thomas Siems, Senior Lecturer, EMIS Department, Lyle School of Engineering
Ethics in Engineering
2009-2010 Dr. Patricia Davis, Director of Pastoral Leadership and Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Care and Leadership, Perkins School of Theology
Ethical Dilemmas in Pastoral Leadership
2009-2010 Dr. Renee McDonald, Co-Director of the SMU Family Research Center and Associate Professor of Psychology, Dedman College
Ethics in Psychology
2008-2009 Professor Carolyn Smith-Morris & Graduate Student James Kennell, Department of Anthropology, Dedman College 
Globalization, Society, and the Human Condition
2007-2008 Professor Jeffrey D. Kahn, Dedman Law,
Perspectives on Counterterrorism

Course Development Grant: Lori Stephens, Dedman College (First-Year Writing Program)
The Ethics of Springfield, which focused on ethical behavior by using the pop culture platform, "The Simpsons."

2006-2007 Professor Ravi Batra, Department of Economics, Dedman College 
Principles of Macroeconomics
2005-2006 Professor Jaime Clark-Soles, Perkins, developed a course entitled How Then Shall We Live? A Course in New Testament Ethics

Course Development Grant: Professor Michael Householder, Dedman College (English), developed a new course that explores the interface between ethics, literature, and medical research.

2003-2004 Professor Crista DeLuzio, Dedman College (History), developed a course entitled Women and Social Movements in the U.S.
2002-2003 Adjunct Professor Michael Cassidy, Mechanical Engineering, developed a course entitled Ethics in Engineering and Manufacturing.

Professor Martha Satz, Department of English, Dedman College 
Minority Literature

Professor Marc Steinberg, Dedman Law
Lawyering and Ethics for the Business Attorney.
2001-2002 Professor Ephrem Fernandez, Department of Psychology, Dedman College
Ethics in Human Subject Research 

Professor Rebekah Miles, Perkins
Family Affairs: Ethics, Religion, and the Family

Professor Rita Kirk, Department of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Meadows 
The Ethics of Public Persuasion.

Professor Matt Wilson, Department of Political Science, Dedman College
Religion and Politics.
2000-2001 Professor Anthony J. Cortese, Dedman College (Anthropology), developed a course entitled Value Conflict As Pedagogy for Teaching Ethics.

Professor Laura A. King, Dedman College (Psychology), developed a course entitled The Psychology of Character.

Professor John Lewis, Dedman College (English), developed a course entitled Fortune, Fame, and Scandal.

Professor Trysh Travis, Dedman College (English), developed a course entitled Workers, Citizens, Men.

Professor Jeffrey A. Trexler, Dedman Law, developed a course entitled Corporate Law & Personal Values.

Professor Rita Kirk, Department of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Meadows
added an ethics unit to her existing course entitled Persuasion

1999-2000 Professor John Mears, Dedman College (History), developed a course entitled Modernity and Crises of Identity: The Reorientation of Western Culture, 1872-1917.

Professor Philip Seib, Meadows (Journalism), developed a course entitled Ethics of Communication.

Professor Gretchen Smith, Meadows (Theatre), developed a course entitled Affirmation and Subversion: Gender and Racial Politics in American Dramatic Literature.

Professor Kathleen Wellman, Dedman College (History), developed a course entitled Europe in the Age of Enlightenment, 1715-1789.

1998-1999 Professor Jeffrey Mark Gaba, Dedman Law, developed a course entitled Environmental Ethics.

Professor Mark McCullagh, Dedman College (Philosophy), developed a course entitled Can a Corporation Be a Good (or Bad) Person?

Professor Alexis McCrossen, Dedman College (History), developed a course entitled From Pew to Bleacher: American Culture and Its Institutions.

1997-1998 Professor Alastair Norcross, Dedman College (Philosophy)
Animal Rights

Professor Martha Satz, Dedman College (English)
Ethical Justification of Children's Literature.

Professor Martha Selby, Dedman College (Religious Studies)
Ethics in the Cross-Cultural Perspective
1996-1997 Professor Cecil O'Neal, Meadows (Theater)
The Artist as Citizen.