Past Internships

Nearly 200 students have experienced the challenge and the satisfaction of volunteering in a Public Service Fellowship through the Center. We are proud to be able to add this dimension to their educational experience at SMU. Flip through the accordion below for summaries of past Fellowships.

Undergraduate, Human Rights and Fashion Media double major, Human Rights Initiative
Project: Working in the marketing department of the Human Rights Initiative to prepare for an annual storytelling project to celebrate International Human Rights Day in December and a smaller version of the program on International World Refugee Day in June. Tasks included writing essays, research, and creating a cultivation packet for sponsors, donors, and storytellers. 

PhD candidate, Cultural Anthropology, Dallas Jewish Historical Society
Project: Contributing to the Dallas Jewish Historical Society's Oral History Program interviewing and cataloging life histories of members of the Jewish community of Dallas. Specifically, the experiences of Jewish people living in North Dallas that were impacted by the October 2019 tornado and their recovery.

PhD candidate, History, Women's Alliance-First Unitarian Church of Dallas
Project: Recovering the stories of women at the FUU Church from when the Women's Alliance raised funds in support of Roe v. Wade during the late 1960s and early 1970s, allowing for a different narrative to emerge that complicates the relationship between the ethical beliefs about abortion and religion.  


Undergraduate, Biological Sciences and Health & Society double major, Sci-Tech Discovery Center
Project: Planning, setting up, and executing science experiments at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center, an interactive children's museum that focuses on science, math and technology. Also assisted in running the summer camp for first and second graders. 

Undergraduate, Health and Society, Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE)
Project: Working to ethnographically analyze the impact of La Voz de la CONFENIAE, a radio program started by the Confederation of the Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon with the goal of spreading public health information and cultural broadcasts to amazon communities.

PhD candidate, Liberal Studies, City of Dallas Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability
Project: Researching recommendations for the City of Dallas Environmental council regarding monetizing the urban forest of Dallas and helped to protect, and enhance the ecosystem, trees, and green spaces of Dallas to improve public health. Also researched implementing a city forest credit program that requires the urban tree canopy to be maintained, preserved, and protected. 

Undergraduate, Biological Sciences and Human Rights double major
Project: Collaborating with ethics faculty members at UT Southwestern Medical School to ensure that its ethics curriculum meets or exceeds the academic standards of the nation’s top medical schools. 

PhD candidate, Anthropology
Project: Exploring the decision-making process of patients, families, medical personnel, caregivers, and spiritual counselors in a hospice setting at the Faith Presbyterian Hospital.

PhD candidate, Religious Studies
Project: Partnering with White Rock United Methodist Church and Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space to explore, identify, and analyze the ways in which faith communities implement cooperative business models in their local communities as a practical means of “mission,” promoting agency, economic stimulus, and market outreach as intrinsic byproducts.  


PhD candidate, History
Project: Working with For Oak Cliff to learn more about how urban redevelopment projects affects Black inner-city communities. She will specifically focus on the Tenth Street Historical District to explain the history of the former Freedman town.

PhD candidate, 
Project: Focusing on the archival preparation of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts along with developing and maintaining a membership database and contact strategy for Remembering Black Dallas, a local nonprofit dedicated to preserving and promoting African American culture, life, and history in Dallas and surrounding cities. 

Undergraduate, Public Policy, Human Rights, and Spanish triple major
Project: Working with the nonprofit organization All Wheels Up to advocate for wheelchair space on aircrafts. Brady’s advocacy plan includes working with representatives from the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in Washington, D.C. to discuss the feasibility of wheelchair space on air carriers and planning All Wheels Up’s first annual “Walk, Run and Roll for Accessible Air Travel” fundraiser.

Undergraduate, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Project: Working with Meals on Wheels to identify clients in need of a COVID-19 vaccine and scheduling at-home vaccinations as many clients are homebound and unable to schedule a vaccine appointment due to a lack of technology. 

PhD candidate, History
Project: Co-creation and management of the “Class of COVID Oral History Project” with SMU Archives (joint project with Ashton Reynolds). The project will document how SMU’s graduating students, both undergraduate and graduate, navigated ethical questions of personal and community responsibilities.

PhD candidate, Clinical Anthropology
Project: Volunteering with International Rescue Committee (Dallas, TX) Intensive Case Management Team for Refugee Resettlement, including opportunity to research challenges and gaps in service in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior, Biological Sciences and Health and Society double major, pre-med
Project: During this unprecedented time, health crises and diseases continue to plague the most vulnerable individuals. Working for the Bridge Breast Network, serving underserved populations and stressed healthcare systems to research and conduct community outreach on breast health awareness, the importance of early detection and access to healthcare.

Junior, Human Rights and French Studies double major
Project: Collecting and analyzing research for SMU’s Deason Center for Criminal Justice Reform, constructing a data set of criminal justice policies affecting prisoners and their human rights while incarcerated during a pandemic.

Senior, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs major
Project: Conducting research on how global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic shift or influence political attitudes and civic engagement among Hispanic voters in North Texas.

Junior, Human Rights and Chinese double major, pre-med
Project: Working with UT Southwestern Medical Center Dr. Elizabeth Heitman to develop an online policy library for the ethical use of advanced technology in end-of-life care. This collection of policies will be an important resource in developing hospital guidelines and understanding practice standards across the country.

PhD candidate, Clinical Anthropology
Project: Working with Access Esperanza Clinic in McAllen, TX, to build a comprehensive curriculum for their sexual health education program. Her work and research at the clinic lay important groundwork for her dissertation in the ethics of migrant reproductive health.

PhD candidate, Philosophy of Education
Project: Researching adaptable models of distance learning that can be implemented for highly mobile students by collecting data from Dallas area family shelters and children’s support organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

MFA candidate, Stage Design
Project: Examining the future of the American Theatre Industry and the success of various companies’ attempts to maintain operations and engagement in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PhD candidate, History
Project: Co-creation and management of “Class of COVID Oral History Project” with SMU Archives (joint project with Jonathan Angulo). The project will document how SMU’s graduating students (both undergraduate and graduate) navigated ethical questions of personal and community responsibilities. 

Sienna Dugan

Class of 2020

Field data collection at refugee camps in Rwanda


Roxana Farokhnia

Class of 2020

Case management for homeless families at Vogel Alcove in Dallas


Aria Fuller

Class of 2022

Organizing for immigration rights at Workers Defense Project in Dallas


Marie Joung

Class of 2020

Researching implementation of NIH diversity policies at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas


Carol Sale

Class of 2020

Anthropological study of moral distress among staff working with disabled children and their families at Associação Saúde Criança in São Paulo, Brazil


Tyler Womack

PhD Student

Researching inter-disciplinary dialogue on ethics in the fields of business, finance, economics, theology and philosophy at SMU in Dallas

Undergraduate Students

Averie Bishop, Human Rights and Sociology majors; Pre-Law

Developed Curriculum and Taught Self-Efficacy Classes at Banga High School in the Phillippines.

Luke Collins, Philosophy and Psychology majors

Supported the George W. Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative through research and writing.

Tong Yuan Douville, Health and Society major

Worked as a communications and outreach liaison for the Seattle Center Foundation's pop-up medical clinic bringing free medical, dental, and eye care to underserved populations.

Mona El-Gharby, Chemistry and Human Rights majors; Pre-Med

Worked as an Extended Case Management and Advocacy Intern to provide refugees with medical, mental health, and social services through the International Rescue Committee in Dallas.

Rachel Mumaw, Human Rights and Biology majors

Assisted with HIV/AIDS prevention at Resource Center in Dallas.

Grace Reon, Political Science major

Led educational programming including ESL and math for refugee children at For the Nations: Refugee Outreach in Dallas.

Graduate Students

Liz Thomas, Ph.D. Medical Anthropology

Researched perceived stress levels of migrants in relation to their access to care resources as a volunteer at Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection in Cache Valley, UT. Built curriculum for the center's driver's license class.

Undergraduate Students

Angela Wang, Biochemistry and Human Rights majors; Pre-Med

Volunteered with Unite for Sight to conduct anthropological research into perceptions and awareness of cataract eye health in Chennai, India.

Antoine Mellon, Biological Sciences major; Pre-veterinary

Volunteered with Inti Wara Yassi in helping with the rehabilitation of animal trafficking victims in Bolivia.

Graduate Students

Delanie Linden, M.A. Art History

Worked with SMU’s Art History Department to research issues of morality and ethics in Rococo art in eighteenth century France.

Jordan Goldstein, Ph.D. Medical Anthropology

Volunteered with the Hive Mutual Support Network dedicated to community-building, social justice and offering peer-to-peer support.

Magie Inhofe, M.A. Design and Innovations

Worked with Dwell Earth to develop a kit that allows individuals in rural communities to construct houses and other small buildings from compressed earth blocks without previous experience.

Justin Barringer, Ph.D. Divinity

Worked with Open Table Nashville to create a community land trust that would help ensure the existence of affordable land and housing for homeless and low-income residents.

Megan Bartrum, Ph.D. Medical Anthropology

Preformed research in underserved communities in Recife, Brazil on the challenges of Zika care and used research to develop her own mosquito prevention project.

Megan Brown, Ph.D. Medical Antropology

Volunteered with the Trinity River Audubon Center’s conservation and education efforts exploring issues of diversity, inclusion, community values, and environmental advocacy in summer camp programs.

Undergraduate Students

Shelby Hill, Mathematics major

Volunteered at the Oak Cliff Family YMCA coaching youth sports teams and participating in the education enrichment programs.

Jessica Jancose, Human Rights and Health & Society majors

Volunteered in Cartago, Costa Rica on a project offered by UBELONG at a government-supported community center for the elderly.

Parker Miller, Biochemistry and Philosophy majors

Volunteered at Texas Health Presbyterian and a sister organization, the Texas Surgery Institute acting as a liason between doctors, nurses, and patients.

Dan Mulammoottil, Applied Physiology and Health Management majors

Volunteered in Dehli, India through IVHQ to work in health clinics and shadow region doctors.

Claire Wilt, Biology major

Interned at Bryan's House, a non-profit organization that cares for children affected by HIV/AIDS in West Dallas.

Graduate Students

Roy Atwood, Master of Divinity

Led the summer education program for elementary children at Family Gateway’s Annette G. Strauss Center, a transitional housing facility in Dallas.

Stephany Coleman, Simmons Counseling Program

Volunteered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (North Texas Chapter) to create a community outreach strategy.

Mary Leah Friedline, Ph.D. in Religious Studies

Volunteered with Dallas Area Interfaith as a summer intern organizer.

Undergraduate Students

Hope Anderson, Human Rights and History majors

Volunteered with the International Justice Mission's mobilization department, promoting collaboration with anti-human trafficking agencies.

Nayelly Dominguez, Engineering Management Information & Systems, Economics, and French majors

Volunteered with Fort Worth Sister Cities International to co-lead a delegation of student citizen diplomats to Indonesia. 

Nicolas Gonzalez, Art History major

Created a community art/historical mural project about Pike Park with underprivileged children at Reverchon Recreation Center.

Justin Hicks, Biology, Health & Society, and Spanish majors

Interned with the International Rescue Committee in the Immigration Department learning about American immigration processes and refugee protocols.

Namita KC, Accounting major

Volunteered with the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation in Nepal to provide emergency assistance following the April 2015 earthquake.

Jennifer Torres, Human Rights and Public Policy majors

Volunteered with the Magdaleno Leadership Institute in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala to aid young women in the renovation of their public library.

Sha'ron White, English major

Volunteered with the Wesley-Rankin Community Center in Dallas, Texas providing tutoring and creating learning plans for students in literacy need.

Austin Whittle, Accounting and Communications majors

Interned at a London nonprofit dedicated to serving refugees while examining social, economic and political inclusivity for ostracized immigrants.

Graduate Students

Roy Atwood, Master of Divinity

Led the summer education program for elementary children at Family Gateway’s Annette G. Strauss Center, a transitional housing facility in Dallas.

Katherine Fox, Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology

Volunteered with the Pacific Center for Human Growth in the San Francisco Bay Area to document struggles of the LGBTQ immigrant community.

Jordan Wondrack, M.A. in Medical Anthropology

Served as a research associate at Le Centre Francoise Minkowska in Paris to analyze mental health services and policies for immigrant and refugee groups.