From the Director's Desk

In addition to leading the Maguire Ethics Center as the inaugural William F. May Endowed Director, Dr. Rita Kirk is an Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor in the department of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. For over thirty years, Dr. Kirk has served as a leading community expert in matters of political communication strategy and hate speech.

Books and Research

Hate Speech

Soundbite Culture: The Death of Discourse in a Wired World

Political Empiricism: Communications Strategies in State and Regional Elections

Ethics at the Heart of Higher Education


Selected News

History Making Women at SMU (The Dallas Morning News - March 2022)

Kirk: Democrats Can Reclaim the Center by Listening to James Carville (NH Journal - March 2022)

Blurring the Lines: Governing or Campaigning? (The Idaho Journal - December 2021)


Selected Videos

A Teach In on President Trump & The Current Constitutional Crisis
Center for Presidential History at SMU event

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