Game. Set. Match.

tennis complex
Jennifer ’86 and Mark Styslinger ’87 and the Altec/Styslinger Foundation commit $4 million to name the new Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex at SMU.

The quality and caliber of SMU tennis is exceptional, and the Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex reinforces SMU’s commitment to competing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics. In addition to providing a great environment for players and spectators, the Styslinger/Altec Tennis Complex will meet the evolving needs of the tennis program, helping the University to recruit gifted student-athletes.

“Jennifer and I met at SMU, and we were thrilled to have the chance to support a place that has been so important in our lives,” said Mark Styslinger, senior vice president of sales and service for Altec Inc., a manufacturing company founded in 1929 by his grandfather, Lee J. Styslinger, Sr. “Tennis was fundamental in shaping who I am, and I know this complex has already begun providing opportunities for other young student-athletes to achieve their goals as well, and will continue doing so in the future.”