SMU statement on 9/11 flag display

The following is an update from the Aug. 1 statement

The request for a 9/11 display on campus by SMU’s Young Americans for Freedom was approved by SMU on Wednesday, July 26, for the new location designated for all campus displays. SMU considers this memorial display to be an important campus event that is helpful in remembering the lives lost on 9/11. The group’s requests for displays have been approved in previous years, and SMU as a community has held 9/11 memorial events every five years since 2001, including a notable event last year in collaboration with area first responders.

SMU apologizes for the original inappropriate wording that was used in the new policy on campus displays. That language – regarding messages that are triggering or harmful – was added earlier in July and had not gone through the appropriate approval process. While the language did not apply to this approved request for a memorial display, the wording has been revised to be consistent with official University policy (Student Activities Policies/Lawn Displays). SMU remains absolutely committed to the freedom of expression of all campus community members.

SMU moved all lawn displays from the previous location, a portion of the Dallas Hall lawn, because it is used by campus community members as a place for studying, outdoor classes and a variety of University events throughout the year. The new location, MoMac Park, is an open and centrally located space along Bishop Boulevard, the most prominent drive on campus. It is near much of the University’s student housing and measures nearly 2 acres.

Here is a map of the new location:

Campus map for lawn displays

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