Dallas County DA Craig Watkins remains silent about FBI visit

SMU Professors Cal Jillson (political science) and Fred Moss (law) talk with Fox 4 News about Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watson's silence concerning an FBI visit to his office.

By Shaun Rabb
Fox 4 News 

DALLAS - Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins remains silent about why FBI agents visited his office Wednesday morning.

Three agents working on the John Wiley Price investigation showed up around 9 a.m.

"As an individual, maybe he should be quiet," said SMU political science professor Cal Jillson. "But as an elected public official, he needs to tell the citizens of Dallas what's happening."

Jillson said Watkins should at least show his face and show his awareness that the public is interested, without tipping his hand one way or the other.

Fred Moss, professor emeritus at SMU's school of law, said he thinks it's possible the FBI told Watkins not to talk.

"One would hope that if that were true, then Watkins would come forward in order to alleviate public concern and say that the reason he's not talking is because he was asked not to," Moss said

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