Using WordPress

SMU will be hosting a multi-user instance of WordPress, a basic, open-source Content Management System that is commonly used by small and midsize organizations to maintain their web presence.

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS systems on the market, and documentation, examples, and other forms of online help are readily available online.

WordPress can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be. Using a pre-created theme and populating it with information is very simple. Customizing, tweaking, and arranging your theme to present your information in the exact way you want it can be very involved and time consuming - but ultimately rewarding, when your site represents you to your satisfaction!

Getting Help

WordPress resources to help you get started:

Issues with the system - login issues, unexpected behavior, and other apparent bugs should be reported to the SMU OIT Help Desk at

For general and theming support, please contact Meadows Tech Effect.

The web is also filled with wonderful WordPress resources. Google your issue, and you might be surprised by what comes up!

Getting Started - Make Your First Blog Post on SMU's WordPress Service

Once you've logged into the WordPress system for the first time at, you'll need to register your site within the system. This is a quick process - you'll be up and posting in under 5 minutes!