Registering a Domain

As part of the web presence requirement, students are required to register a domain name and point it at their website.

Is the domain you're looking for available? Instant Domain Search is a quick and easy way to find out if your dream domain is available. If it's not, it means someone else might be using your name. Do some research: Is it a fellow artist, or someone with a very strong brand associated with their name, even in another industry? If so, you might want to consider using a stage name.

Registering a domain should not be confused with choosing a host. The two are separate products that are often sold by the same resellers. Registering a domain is the process by which you determine the URL of your website by purchasing your name from a domain name registrar, whereas choosing a host determines what physical server holds the files that become your website.

Students choosing to host their website at an external host should register their domain and sign up for hosting at the same time; most hosts provide free domain name registration at the time of purchase of hosting.

Students choosing to host their site at SMU will need to register a domain, then point their domain to the URL of their SMU site. Details on how to do this are included in the documentation from the domain name registrar. You will need to choose "Domain Forwarding" or "Forward My Domain" (exact wording varies) and follow the instructions from there to do that.

There are many registrars online with comparable services and prices. Below are a few registrars. SMU does not endorse or affiliate with any of these registrars and does not receive compensation for referrals. More extensive lists can be found online.