Five Student Organizations that Build Community and Creativity

From a theatre group to a public relations society, Meadows student organizations offer creative opportunities, networking and a sense of community.


SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts offers endless creative opportunities, even outside the classroom. There are vibrant communities where students can explore their passion for the arts and get to know one another. Student organizations create an environment for creativity, community and career opportunities. Meadows Ambassadors for Prospective Students (MAPS), SMU Student Theatre (SMUST), Latinx Fashion Leadership Council (LXFLC), The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) are all organizations that bring the Meadows community together. Many of these student organizations also extend beyond Meadows, inviting students from diverse disciplines to participate and contribute to communities centered around artistic expression and professional development.

1. Meadows Ambassadors for Prospective Students (MAPS)

MAPS is a student volunteer group dedicated to connecting with prospective students. Members play a pivotal role in recruitment events, engaging with prospective students and their families, and sharing personal experiences that highlight life as a Meadows student. Although there is a low time commitment for members, their efforts have a lasting impact on potential students, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For those interested in joining this enthusiastic community, contact

2. SMU Student Theatre (SMUST)

SMU Student Theatre is an incredible, hands-on creative outlet for theatre students, with opportunities for non-majors as well. Supported by theatre faculty, SMUST facilitates student-led productions outside the classroom. There are approximately six to nine shows produced each semester. Students get the chance to pitch a play for the SMUST board, which helps them produce it. The club's emphasis on original work and hands-on involvement in every aspect of production creates a unique platform for those passionate about theatre to hone their craft. This approach to theatre not only promotes artistic expression but also gives insight into the professional world, requiring collaboration, problem-solving and negotiating with fellow artists. To learn more, follow @smustagram2220 on Instagram.

3. Latinx Fashion Leadership Council (LXFLC)

Diversity and cross-cultural awareness take center stage with the Latinx Fashion Leadership Council (LXFLC). This leadership council on campus seeks to educate students about the fashion and beauty industry from a cross-cultural perspective. LXFLC provides opportunities for leadership, networking, mentoring and employment within the industry. Joining is a simple two-step process through the QR code on their Instagram page (@smu.lxflc). This inclusive council actively promotes awareness, education and employment opportunities, making it an ideal platform for those seeking to explore the intersection of fashion, culture and leadership.

4. The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

PRSSA is the foremost organization for students pursuing public relations and communications. As the SMU chapter of PRSSA is connected to the national organization, the chapter follows the national goals of advocating rigorous academic standards for public relations education, high ethical principles and diversity in the profession. As the only communications-related organization at SMU, PRSSA is committed to enhancing students in the SMU Meadows Division of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, furthering students' professional development and broadening their networks. PRSSA offers programming including guest speakers from Dallas public relations professionals, interview workshops, networking events with alumni and more. Members enjoy access to national resources such as internship listings, scholarships, awards and leadership opportunities. To learn more, see @prssasmu on Instagram

5. National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Recognizing the importance of community and representation, SMU's chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) provides a supportive space for journalists, students and media professionals. Founded on the principles of training, networking and career advancement, NABJ at SMU is a vital resource for students interested in pursuing careers in the media. Students in the organization not only benefit from a sense of community, but also the opportunity to participate in the yearly NABJ national convention. “I got more in touch with really successful people of color in the journalism, PR and communications industries,” says Ceara Johnson, president of SMU’s NABJ chapter. Learn more about NABJ by contacting the organization’s faculty advisor and SMU Journalism Professor of Practice Valerie Evans