Learn Beyond the Classroom with SMU Meadows' Student Media Opportunities

There are multiple outlets for students of all majors and interests to hone their writing, photography and video skills.


The Daily Campus

The Daily Campus is an independent, student-run newspaper that has made its mark on SMU since 1915. Students write on a variety of topics, including campus news, local events, politics, sports, opinions and editorials, pop culture and more.

“Some of the best memories I have from the DC are working on breaking news stories, working with our team, and learning from our advisor, Jacqueline Fellows,” says Editor-in-Chief Ellis Rold. “Being a part of the DC has been one of the highlights of my college experience and I'm so grateful for it!”

Aside from The Daily Campus website, student editors also work together to create a print edition of the paper. Working on The Daily Campus is an incredible opportunity for students across all majors to submit their work for publication, collaborate with peers and gain real-world reporting experience.

“One of the stories I'm most proud of is my recent story about hazing at SMU,” Rold says. “It took almost a year of reporting and challenged me as a journalist, but I think it's an important topic to write about.”

Students interested in joining The Daily Campus staff or pitching a story can reach out to the paper through Instagram or email Ellis Rold at erold@mail.smu.edu.

SMU Look

The Fashion Media program at SMU Meadows is one of its most popular majors. SMU Look is a student-run fashion magazine that’s a great learning opportunity for students who are passionate about the fashion industry. The magazine consists of online blog posts and a beautifully designed print copy released every semester.

“Hearing all of the positive feedback from the SMU community regarding my first issue of Look Magazine was overwhelming in the best way possible,” says Maddie Crisp, editor of the magazine. “It was, and still is, my goal to create something that leaves a lasting impression on this campus. This truly has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life thus far.

Students on the Look team have the chance to organize photoshoots, write articles and even research local sponsors to advertise in the magazine. SMU Look also has an active following on Instagram, where the team and SMU alumni post about fashion and beauty.

“SMU Look is so much more than just a cool organization to tag in your Instagram bio,” Crisp says. “If you get the chance to be on the staff, run with it, and use it as an opportunity to hone your craft and build a portfolio for your future. Also, if you don’t get accepted on your first go – don’t give up.”

Students can apply to be part of the SMU Look staff every semester on the Look website.

Hilltop Now

SMU Journalism students can get a true feel for the broadcast world by participating in the Hilltop Now broadcast news show. Students learn how to perform multiple roles both behind and in front of the camera, like anchoring, writing scripts and handling professional camera equipment and sound boards.

Students also have the freedom to film and edit stories that interest them, from campus news, entertainment, or student organization spotlights.

“One story I am most proud of is covering the SMU women’s equestrian team!” says Giovanna Scroggins, Senior Executive Producer for Hilltop Now. “The team was very eager to have their success shared. I specifically focused on one of their jumping horses, Oliver, who is completely blind in one eye. I found this fascinating since he is a jumping horse and has to rely on his other senses and has to really trust his rider. After this story broke, the team went on to win a National Championship.”

Students who would like to share a story on Hilltop Now or learn about broadcast journalism are welcome to reach out to the team—even if they are pursuing a different major.

“We always are looking for students who want to get involved, even if you aren’t pursuing a journalism degree,” Scroggins says. “It is a great way to build experience while on campus.”

For more information on joining Hilltop Now, message the team on Instagram.