Center of Creative Computation Fall Showcase Highlights Student Works

Creative Computation student Natalie Genato (B.A. '24) details the upcoming Student Showcase that will feature the work of over 70 students in the program.

A Creative Computation student presents their project at a previous Showcase event.
A Creative Computation student presents their digital project at a previous Student Showcase event.

Article written by Creative Computation student Natalie Genato (B.A. '24)

Meadows’ Center of Creative Computation (also known as C3) will be hosting its biannual end-of-year Student Showcase from 7–9 p.m. on Tuesday, November 28 in the Taubman Atrium of the Owens Art Center. Friends, family, faculty and staff members are encouraged to attend and join the C3 students for a night where everyone can socialize and view the various works of over 70+ students. Featured works will include exhibitions, interactive art installations, video games, animations, 3D modeling, audiovisual artwork and computer music.

Ian Webster, a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Creative Computation, will be presenting a short horror animation. Beginning as a personal side project, Webster has been working in Unreal Engine 5 all semester to display his short scene at the Showcase. He has a background in theatre and is passionate about working with motion capture.

“It’s very accessible compared to physically moving things yourself. There is a lot of natural movement and motion that comes with the process,” he explains. “From a design standpoint, that’s what I think makes motion capture look good.”

A Creative Computation student presents their project at a previous Showcase event.

While the C3 Showcase is an event where students and faculty can freely discuss their projects with each other and receive feedback from guests, it also highlights one of the strengths of the Creative Computation program: the diverse variety of students from other studies. This semester, the C3 fall program will include work from one Animation class, two Digital/Hybrid Media classes, a Sound & Code class, the Aesthetics and Computation course, one Intro to Coding class, one Creative Coding III class, the Junior Milestone, and finally, the Senior Capstone.

As a senior student myself that will be graduating in the spring, this will be one of the last few times that I get to be a part of this fun experience. Personally, I look forward to this event every semester. I get to interact with and appreciate the work of other students that have different interests. In my experience, it is inspiring to see how my peers incorporate their passions within their work, whether come from an artistic background or are pursuing another major outside of Meadows.

The C3 faculty and students are eager to show off their hard work this semester to all welcoming attendees. Hope to see you there!