Ivan Tatarinov

Ivan Tatarinov was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He began his musical studies at the age of 5 in the special group of the Nizhny Novgorod Boys Choir Chapel (Nizhny Novgorod Choir College named after L.K.Sivukhin) from which Ivan graduated later. His composition teacher was Tatyana Tatarinova who is Professor, Ph.D. in arts, member of the Composers Union of Russia. Ivan also studied choral conducting with Professor A.Orlov, piano with Professor N.Balykov. At the same moment Ivan started practicing organ in the class of Professor, Ph.D. in arts Tatyana Bochkova (Nizhny Novgorod). Later Ivan became a student of the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory, he studied in the class of organ of Professor, Honored Artist of Russia Daniel Zaretsky, class of harpsichord of Professor Elena Seredinskaya, class of chamber ensemble of Professor, Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Chausova, class of improvisation of Professor Marina Vyaizya, class of piano of Professor Yulia Stadler.

Currently Ivan is a first year graduate student of the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. He studies in the class of Professor Stefan Engels who is Chair of the Organ Department, Leah Young Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Music Performance.

Ivan repeatedly took a part in the Interregional competition “The young composer” and became a Laureate. From 2002 to 2007 took a part in the IX, XII and XIV festival competitions of the “New Names” foundation as a composer-performer and won the Laureate prizes. In 2011 Ivan won 2nd Prize of the IV Composers competition for the best organ piece (XI International Moscow Organ Festival). In April of 2014 Ivan was honored the Diploma of the II “Roman Melodos” International composers’ competition (“Choral miniature” nomination; Saint Petersburg). In September of 2014 he became a winner of the composers competition for the compulsory piece for organ which should have been performed at the second round of the II International Organ Competition named after I.A.Braudo (Saint Petersburg). In March of 2015 Ivan won 3rd Prize of the VI Composers competition for the best organ piece (XV International Moscow Organ Festival). In June of 2016 Ivan became a Laureate of the VI composers’ competition (two poems for soprano and piano on his own lyrics) within VIII International Vocal-Piano duets competition “Three centuries of the classical romance” (Saint Petersburg). In 2016 Tatarinov’s organ piece “Exorcism” was published in the “Composer SPb” publishing house.

In 2008 Ivan became the finalist of the II International Piano Competition in memory of V.Lotar- Shevchenko (Novosibirsk). In 2013 Ivan won Grand-Prix of the “Vesennyaya Volna” (The Spring Wave) International competition in the “Chamber Ensemble” nomination (Moscow). In October of 2014 won 3rd Prize of the XXIV International “Chopin Roma Competition” (Rome, Italy) as soloist. In November of 2014 Ivan took 2nd Prize of the I International competition named after A.Nemtin in the “Solo organ” nomination (Perm’). In April of 2015 Ivan won 3rd prize of the XVI Festival competition of the organ music “Gatchina – Saint-Petersburg”.

In 2007 for the numerous successes Ivan was awarded the Federal Award of the President of Russia.

In 2008 and 2009 he became a Laureate of the II and III all-Russian choral conducting competitions (Nizhny Novgorod).

Ivan enhanced his professional skills in the summer academies in 2014 in Bosau, Germany (Professor L.Lohmann, A.Gast, S.Cherepanov), in 2015 in Leipzig, Germany (H.O.Ericsson, L.Robilliard, T.Lennartz), and also at the master-courses of J.de la Rubia, J.Trummer, P.Crivellaro, M.Bauer, C.Ott and many others.

Among the works of Tatarinov are:

  • For organ: Symphony No.1 «The Song of the Phoenix» in 4 parts (2013); Symphony No.2 “The Magical” in 2 parts (2014); The Abstract Symphony (Symphony No.3) in 4 parts (2016); Symphony No.4 “Eschatological” in 4 parts (2017); “The Explosion of Life”, toccata in memory of Jon Lord (2013); Purification (2010); Exorcism (2013); Fantasy on theme “Vater unser” (2014); «The pulse of Life» (2015); Sonata in memory of J.Reubke (2015); Fantasy on the Chinese theme “Nan er dang zi qiang” (2015); “Les lumieres mysterieuses” (2015); “Poznanska chrzcielnieca” in 2 parts (2016);
  • For piano: Piano Concerto “Hymn to the Light” (2011); “The End of the World” suite (2014); Sonata (2007); Prelude and scherzino (2006); works for youth
  • For harpsichord: “The Ornaments of Time” suite (2015).
  • Chamber music: Sonata for solo cello (2012); Sonata for solo trumpet (2012); Suite for woodwinds and percussion (2006);
  • For voice: 2 settings of romances for voice and piano on the lyrics by I.Bunin (2008); 3 poems “Luomisen palo” on the lyrics by E.Leino for soprano and organ (2015); 2 poems on the lyrics by Ivan Tatarinov for soprano and piano (2016); “Hallelujah” for male choir and organ (2016); works for male and mixed choirs a capella