Music Therapy

students play guitar outside during a music therapy class

At SMU, music therapy students receive individual attention in our small classes. Our mentorship model allows us to tailor the clinical experiences and education to the needs of each student. They will also benefit from up to six clinical practica experiences through our on-campus music therapy clinic and close relationship with community music therapy partners. SMU music therapy graduates in the last decade have a 100% passage rate on the exam to become a Board-Certified Music Therapist.

Meet Our Faculty

Daniel Tague Daniel Tague

Daniel Tague

Assistant Professor and Chair of Music Therapy

Janice Lindstrom Janice Lindstrom

Janice Lindstrom

Lecturer, Music Therapy

Sara Chigani Sara Chigani

Sara Chigani

JW Brown Music Therapist-in-Residence at SMU

Degree Programs 

B.M. in Music Therapy

Music therapy programs at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts have, since 1975, provided a breadth of expertise in the mentorship of student music therapists. Our program is fully accredited by the American Music Therapy Association and National Association of Schools of Music. SMU is a comprehensive university and therefore provides an interdisciplinary approach to music therapy training. Students in our program gain knowledge in music theory, history, and performance while being trained in music therapy, research, and psychology. SMU Music Therapy students may complete a Minor in Psychology. Six clinical practicum placements prepare students for a wide variety of internships, job settings, and client populations. An internship, taken off-site after senior level coursework, fulfills the comprehensive clinical training requirements. Graduates may then apply to sit for the exam administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Upon successful completion of the exam, the credential MT-BC may then be used. A special benefit of the music therapy program at SMU is its small size; students receive individual attention, mentoring, and personal supervision.

All undergraduate music degrees include a balanced curriculum of music theory, aural skills, music history, pedagogy, and interesting elective courses together with a well-rounded general college curriculum. These courses provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of continued learning, creativity, and artistic fulfillment.

Applicants for the Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy must apply for admission to Southern Methodist University, complete a music theory diagnostic exam, and audition on their principal instrument.


Applicants will interview with faculty via Zoom and will receive information on how to register for the interview. Applicants will submit an audition video without meeting faculty or participating in music audition days. Music Education, Music Therapy, or Music Composition applicants submitting a recorded audition will be emailed information about registering for an interview with faculty.

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Alumni Spotlight


Esther Craven, MT-BC owns a music therapy private practice in North Texas. Hired SMU alumni music therapists.


Lea Hobbie, MT-BC was recently hired at Kerrville State Hospital.

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