SFP Script Submission

Script submissions for the 2023-25 round of the Summer Film Production are now open. Submissions will close at 11:59 p.m. (Central time) on May 3, 2023.

All scripts must be submitted as PDF files, following the instructions under the heading "How to Submit your Script" at the bottom of this page.

Anyone may submit a script, and there is no limit on how many scripts an individual or writing team may submit.

Script Constraints

To be considered for selection, scripts must meet the following criteria:

  • Treatments or short stories will not be considered.  ALL submissions must be completed screenplays for either a feature-length screenplays (i.e., 85-120 pages) or a TV series pilot.
  • Scripts must be completely original work. No scripts based on existing material (unless that material was written by and is solely owned by the screenwriter) will be considered.
  • Scripts must be possible (in the determination of the Film & Media Arts faculty) to make on a low budget with a 10-14 day shoot.
  • Scripts must be shootable within 300 miles of Dallas. This does not require that the shoot be based in Dallas (the 2015-17 SFP Elsewhere, TX, for instance, was shot in Nacogdoches, TX, about three hours from Dallas) but scripts should not require locations farther than a few hours away. Entirely Dallas-based shoots (Legacy, the 2013-15 SFP, was shot entirely around Dallas) are fine as well.
  • In general, scripts may be of any genre as long as it's some form of scripted fiction.

For further guidance on scripts, see the "Script Questions" section of the FAQ page.

Script Review and Selection

After the submission deadline, all submitted scripts will be reviewed by a committee from Film & Media Arts. Script will be assessed for quality, interest, and feasibility given the constraints (budgetary and time) and structure (student-run production) of this program. For additional guidance on how script selection decisions are made, see "What are you looking for in a script?" on the FAQs page.

The writers of those scripts selected as finalists will receive revision notes and suggestions from the review committee, and a deadline for submitting revisions. After revised scripts are submitted, one or two "production ready" scripts (chosen from the finalists) will be announced, and director/producer teams will pitch for a specific script.

How to Submit Your Script

Submitting your script is a two-step process:

1. Fill out this online form. Make sure to answer all questions for your script to be considered.

2. Send an email to film@smu.edu with "SFP screenplay submission" as the subject line, and attach your screenplay (PDF form ONLY).

BOTH steps must be completed for your script to be considered "officially submitted" and sent to the committee for review.