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Dr. Quan Xie is an assistant professor at the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University. She earned her Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Ohio University. She is passionate about advancing digital advertising education and is committed to helping students learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital media and marketing.

Dr. Xie’s research interests focus on the effects and implications of digital technology in advertising and digital marketing communications. Her work investigates the mechanisms through which advertising affects information processing, consumer behavior, and brand building, at the intersection of digital media and culture. Her research areas of focus include digital content marketing, influencer marketing and social media advertising.

Dr. Xie has published scholarly articles in numerous prestigious academic journals, including the Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management and Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.

Dr. Xie is a recipient of the 2023 and 2017 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Research Fellowship Awards. In 2018, she is the fellowship recipient of the ANA Educational Foundation Visiting Professor Program, with Publicis Media in New York City. She also serves on the Educational Board of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Dallas.

Prior to joining SMU, Dr. Xie taught as an assistant professor of Strategic Communication at Bradley University. She also served as a Sports Presentation Video Director for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.


Ph.D. Mass Communication, Ohio University, 2015
M.A. International Communication, Ohio University, 2010
B.A. Broadcasting & TV Production, Communication University of China, 2009

Recent Work

Selected Publications:

  1. Xie, Q., & Wang, T. (2023). Exploring the persuasion effects of threatening content in COVID-19 advertising: The roles of threat intensity and sensation seeking on consumer attitudes. International Journal of Applied Business Research. (accepted)
  2. Xie, Q., & Feng, Y. (2022). How to strategically disclose sponsored content on Instagram? The synergy effects of two types of sponsorship disclosures in influencer marketing. International Journal of Advertising. https://doi.org/10.1080/02650487.2022.2071393.
  3. Xie, Q., & Wang, T. (2022). Promoting corporate social responsibility message in COVID-19 advertising: How threat persuasion affects consumer responses to altruistic versus strategic CSR. Journal of Business Research. 148, 315-324.
  4. Xie, Q. (2021). From spectator to participant: A qualitative and quantitative study on U.S. youth’s motivations for participation in Facebook brand communities. Huaxia Communication Studies, 6, 92-117.
  5. Lou, C., & Xie, Q. (2021). Something social, something entertaining? Maximizing the value of digital content marketing in brand experience and brand loyalty. International Journal of Advertising, 40(3), 376-402.
  6. Xie, Q., & McDaniel, D. (2021). Media management in Asia, In Mahoney, M. L., & Tang, T. (Eds.), The Handbook of Media Management and Business (pp. 207-225). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. (book chapter)
  7. Xie, Q., & Lou, C. (2020). Curating luxe experiences online? Explicating the mechanisms of luxury content marketing in cultivating brand loyalty. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 20(3), 209-224.
  8. Xie, Q., & Luo, T (2019). Examining user participation and network structure via an analysis of a Twitter-supported conference backchannel. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 57(5), 1160-1185.
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  15. Xie, Q., Neill, M. S., & Schauster, E. (2018). Paid, earned, shared and owned media from the perspective of advertising and public relations agencies: Comparing China and the United States. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 12(2), 160-179.
  16. Xie, Q., Schauster, E., & Neill, M. S. (2018). Expectations for advertising and public relations education from agency executives: A comparative study between China and the United States. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 39(3), 289-307.
  17. Feng, Y., & Xie, Q. (2018). Measuring the content characteristics of videos featuring augmented reality advertising campaigns. Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 12(4), 489-508.

Awards and Fellowships

2023: American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship
2022: Southern Methodist University Research Council Research Grant
2022: Southern Methodist University Sam Taylor Fellowship
2021: Southern Methodist University Sam Taylor Fellowship
2018: ANA Educational Foundation Visiting Professor Fellowship
2017: American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship
2016: Bradley University Research Excellence Grant
2015: Top Paper Award in the International Doctoral Student Summit Forum on Cultural Industry & Media Innovation
2013: Top Paper Award in the International Division, Broadcast Education Association

Course list

Consumer Behavior ADV 2301
Digital Media Strategy II ADV 3332
International Advertising  ADV 2343
Xie Quan