Interdisciplinary Studies

Meadows students perform in an entirely student-led production for the SMU Student Theatre group.

SMU Student Theatre Group Promotes Cross-Collaboration for Arts Majors

SMU Student Theatre (SMUST) produces student-led productions that allow for interdisciplinary work between Meadows students in a variety of majors.

A photographic component from Jenna Davis' project, "Fabric," featuring a performer stretching a shirt over her face.

Meadows Students Pursue Research Projects with Engaged Learning Fellowship Grants

Discover what meaningful research projects Meadows students across four different majors are pursuing with their Engaged Learning grants.

Meadows is partnering with DCII to host a weeklong residency with Time Lapse Dance that highlights their Big Challenge Series theme of "Climate Resilience."

Meadows Partners with Dedman College

The Division of Dance and Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute will collaborate to host a weeklong dance company residency focusing on climate change engagement for DCII’s Big Challenge Series.