Academic Catalog

Lyle Course Catalog

The official catalog is managed and published by SMU’s Office of the Registrar and is updated annually by Lyle departments and the University’s catalog editor. Information in the catalog is reviewed by appropriate University committees and departments and is approved by the governing body, the school and the Office of the Provost.

Catalog of Record

A student’s Catalog of Record is the one in use during their term of matriculation at SMU. One exception is if the student is returning to SMU after a three-year absence. In that case, a student’s Catalog of Record is the one published for the academic year upon return. Students may declare a later Catalog of Record if the intended program changes its requirements for the major. If a student moves to a later Catalog, they must meet all of the requirements listed there, including those for admissions and academic programs.

Current Lyle Catalog

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