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Lead the future of rapidly evolving connected systems with SMU Lyle’s 100% Online Master’s in Network Engineering

About the Program

Network Engineering is an industry of constant, rapid innovation. It’s an evolving profession where experts take pride in their ability to efficiently adapt new emerging technologies and seamlessly implement the latest tools into their workstreams.

Our 100% Online Master of Science in Network Engineering equips skilled professionals who are essential to the streamlined functioning of their organizations, with corporations, schools and government agencies among the most common employers.

To learn more about the program, contact Program Director Scott Kingsley.

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The SMU Lyle Difference

  • Crucial

    Fill an urgent need for current and relevant professional education that’s in high demand for this rapidly evolving field.

  • Connected

    Work with partner companies including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Cisco and Juniper during your studies.

  • 100% Online

    Designed for students who desire the flexibility of online learning and the prestige of a well-known university.

Student Experience

Dinesh Rajan and Joe Camp work on a drone

Industry-Leading Faculty


Students experience a curriculum designed by experienced faculty and highly experienced practitioners.

Lyle students smiling with laptops


24/7 Resource Access


Students can access online resources - such as notes, course schedules, and even lectures, from anywhere.


Diverse Coursework


Our coursework includes engaging lectures, quizzes, case studies, and more - accessible anytime, anywhere.


Software Engineering 



Check out the core curriculum and advanced electives in the catalog.


Computer Science student at Lyle School of Engineering writing code


Jobs I Can Land


Potential roles include:

  • Software Engineer
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Manager

 Students working in DIG


Network Engineering Research


Network and cloud engineering, security, and optimization.

Admissions Requirements


Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree from an institution of standard collegiate rank, recognized by the accrediting agencies in whose jurisdiction the college is located, may apply for admission to the M.S. in Network Engineering. Graduates of colleges not fully recognized will be treated as special cases and required to produce evidence attesting to the quality of their programs. Any student whose bachelor’s degree is not equivalent to the comparable baccalaureate degree from SMU may be required to take sufficient additional work to make up the deficiency. All applicants must have an overall grade point average of 3.000 (on a 4.000 scale). In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering admission requirements for an M.S. degree, applicants are required to satisfy these additional requirements:

  • A B.S. in one of the sciences, mathematics or computer science or in one of the engineering disciplines.
  • A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts or business with additional background in differential and integral calculus and physics.
  • Computer programming experience preferred.


Tuition and Fees

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Application Deadlines

The next start date is August 2024. The deadline for applications is July 15.