Bridwell Press

Bridwell Press is the professional publishing arm of Bridwell Library. For seventy years, Bridwell Library has published titles associated with its collections, from exhibition catalogs and Methodist works to biographies and occasional papers. Bridwell Press balances the library’s legacy with a more openly defined space for scholarly activity.

Bridwell Press publishes free e-books with paid print-on-demand options. Bridwell Press uses the Fulcrum digital publishing platform based out of the University of Michigan.

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Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to engage with a broad community of authors, who seek to publish creative, quality, and freely accessible works on a global scale. We believe there is room for new, adventurous, and diverse thinking in publishing, especially as it supports emerging scholars that may not have easy opportunities to publish. We value open source, interdisciplinary, and creatively unorthodox scholarship.

Areas of Interest

Global Humanities and Social Sciences

World theologies, the global south, diaspora studies, translation, political theology, ethics, literature, history, and pan-American religious experience.

World Methodism

Historic unpublished works related to the Methodist Church and new works related to the global church and its activities.

Bridwell Library Collections and Research

This area is focused on the library’s collections and includes The New Scholars imprint for emergent scholars with broad, creative, and novel research projects. 


Anyone with a compelling idea that fits within our mission and parameters of publishing can be considered. Authors maintain copyright, and Bridwell Press retains the right to republish. Authors do not pay to publish and do not get royalties. The cost of production and maintenance are underwritten by Bridwell Library and Bridwell Press.

We do not have an active call for submissions, but encourage authors with questions to contact us.