Digital Humanities Research Institute

Digital Humanities Research Institute (DHRI) is an annual summer series of workshops in that introduce participants to skills such as digital humanities coding, project planning, and the use of data in the humanities. See the curriculum from past sessions.

Thanks to the generous support of SMU Libraries and OIT, this program is free to all participants.

The DHRI Philosophy 

We believe that all participants are experts in something, but none are experts in all areas. By fostering a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment where humanities research questions, methods, and values are most significant, we work to build a cooperative learning experience. We have established an approach that leverages participants' strengths, disciplinary interests, and research interests. DHRI emphasizes foundational skills because we believe that it is the most effective path toward enabling digital humanities researchers to become self-teachers and mentors. This leads to second-and third-order effects as participants teach themselves and others, and provides a common vocabulary, skill set, and experience from which to form future collaborations.