Theological Writing Center

The Theological Writing Center is a supportive and encouraging place for collaboration between writer and writing tutor. We offer writing support to all students of Perkins School of Theology at any stage of your writing project.

Tutors are reference librarians and graduate students trained in helping you to improve your writing.

Appointments are 30-minute one-on-one consultations online or in person. Writing samples must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. The more time you give us upfront, the more help we can offer during the appointment.

We can help develop:

  • Sound writing structure through a clear thesis and topic sentences
  • Critical thinking skills for reading, research methods, and writing
  • Appropriate writing style to match the varied tasks of theological education
  • Correctly formatted citations and the use of standard spelling and grammar

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Meet Our Staff

Jane Elder is the Head of Reference, Research, and Theological Writing Center at Bridwell. She has completed several degrees from SMU, including an MTS from Perkins and is working on a ThM. Her research interests include: Church History, History of Methodism, History of Texas and the American Southwest, Film History, Biography, Non-Fiction Writing, Writing Best Practices. 

Chris Clarke is Research and Instruction Librarian at Bridwell Library. He has earned a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Claremont Graduate University and a MLIS from Southern Connecticut State University. His research interests include prophetic literature, apocalyptic literature, and Jewish literature from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods.

Zach deMoya is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at SMU, concentrating and dissertating in religious ethics. Before his work at SMU, he completed both an MTS and ThM at Duke Divinity School, as well as serving as executive director of the East Dallas non-profit Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space. Zach’s research interests include: political theology, religion and democracy, sociology of religion, philosophy of action, and practical theologies as foundational for grassroots community organizing.

Ally Stokes is a Master of Theological Studies student specializing in Biblical Studies and Theology and Culture. Her research interests include: Women and Gender in Christianity, Theological responses to culture, Race and Class in American Religion, and discussing the vicissitudes of Koine Greek.