2025 Competition Submission Guidelines

Competition Book

New Borders: The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander, by Pauline Paucker, Incline Press, Oldham, England, 1998

Deadline for Submissions

Feb 1, 2025


The competition is open to all bookbinders who are American citizens, living either in the U.S. or abroad.

Entry Instructions

Each entry must include:

1. A design proposal for New Borders.

  • The design proposal should be mounted on 4-ply matboard, 32 inches by 20 inches.
  • It should depict your design for the outside cover (front, back, spine), doublures or endpaper, and any unusual, additional, or decorative features.
  • Any medium may be used in making your proposal, which should be finished suitably for exhibit. Include swatches of all materials you would intend to use in a final binding.
  • Your depiction may be smaller than the actual book, but reduced no more than 50%.
  • Your name should appear only on the back of the design board.

2. An example binding 

  • The example binding should be one of your completed works that reflects your current level of craftsmanship as well as techniques you have proposed in your design for New Borders.
  • Please send your example binding within an enclosure such as a phase-box, slipcase, or drop-spine box.

3. The competition submission form. Please complete all the required fields and submit before mailing your entry.

Submitting Your Entry

Ship your entry via FED EX or UPS to:

Jesse Hunt
Bridwell Library
6005 Bishop Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75205

To drop off your entry in person, please contact Jesse Hunt. 

If you ship your entry to Bridwell Library we will return it by FED EX or UPS, unless you request otherwise. If you wish to pick up your entry, please contact Jesse Hunt.

Each return shipment of an example binding will be insured up to $500 in value.


Example binding – James Tapley
Design Proposal for Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges - James Tapley
Winning binding for Ficciones - James Tapley